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Disc Cover is one of our recomended software Apps on basic on Mac. Something you need to know about Disc Cover : Create covers for your CDs And now you can Download Disc Cover full version on Computer PC windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1 mobile phone android iOs last version update on 2018

What is Disc Cover Software Apps Using For?

There's nothing more bland than piles and piles of blank CDs or DVDs.

Most people can't be bothered to create personalized covers for them because they don't know where to start. However, innovations such as Lightscribe and applications such as Disc Cover have made it almost as easy to create a cover as it is to burn a disc so there's really no excuse.

Disc Cover is an easy to use and intelligent tool for creating CD/DVD labels, cover art and more. You can be as creative or as lazy as you want thanks to a huge number of templates and designs within Disc Cover. Best of all, it integrates with several other Apple applications such as iTunes, iPhoto, Finder and iDVD to import images and data into your covers saving you tons of time.

When you start Disc Cover, you are confronted with the setup wizard which allows you choose a template (based on music genre mainly) and then some track names from iTunes (or a film title from iDVD) that you want to import. After this, the graphics editor opens giving you a huge amount of control over how the disc cover looks.

In fact, Disc Cover is a design enthusiast's dream allowing you to tweak the color palette, change the fonts and reposition text accurately. The great thing about moving text around is that it automatically fits itself to the shape of the CD or DVD so you don't need to fiddle about.

If you've got lots of DVDs and CDs just waiting for covers, Disc Cover is the perfect applications to give them some life.

OS X 10.7 Lion is now supported. Image search in the Internet has been fixed.


OS X 10.7 Lion is now supported. Image search in the Internet has been fixed.

CD Label Maker for Mac

Imagine neat long rows of beautiful CDs and DVDs on your shelf. Think of the unique labels of your personal style, bright and inspiring music and photo collections. Sure you'd love to enjoy them for years. Now, with Disc Cover decorating your music and video becomes an easy and exciting task.

Disc Cover is a slick and intuitive Mac OS X software to create labels and covers for CDs, DVDs and more. Variety of professionally made designs are just fine for a quick start. The program imports data and images from iTunes, iPhoto, Finder, iDVD and many other sources. You can easily experiment with styles and graphic tools. Disc Cover will fairly serve to bring you more and more design ideas.

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Disc Cover User Review

Anonymous 16 May, 2013

Good product but why does it erase browser history and bookmarks forever!?. Very easy to use! Drag and drop is simple, toolbars self explanatory and Help tool very useful too. There should be a line around the edge of the DVD cover as it was a right pain to cut to size though, and for some reason if you're on TenFourFox it removes your entire history and bookmarks and makes the backups impossible to retrieve o.O Pros: ease of use ease of edit Cons: you can't amend spelling in text boxes even with the spellcheck once you've clicked off the box WHY does it erase browser history and all bookmarks forever if you're on TenFourFox??