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Minesweeper BF is one of our recomended software Apps on Games basic on Windows. Something you need to know about Minesweeper BF : Another Able Variant of a Popular Puzzle Game And now you can Download Minesweeper BF full version on Computer PC windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1 mobile phone android iOs last version update on 2018

What is Minesweeper BF Software Apps Using For?

Minesweeper BF is a classic Minesweeper game wherein the goal is to find out all the mines there are without exposing them. If you end up uncovering a mine, you lose.


The game presents you with a tile grid and your job is to find out the squares that are safe for tapping and tiles that have bombs underneath. When tapped, the safe tile would show a number that hints you in on the total mines available in the safe tile’s immediate neighborhood. For example, if the number is 1, it means there is one mine to be wary of in the eight directly adjacent squares. All the information amassed from the different numerical clues carve your path across the whole grid until each dangerous explosive gets identified. This constant need to be on your toes makes the game quite engaging.

Gaming Controls

The game is optimized for keyboard, mouse control and also touch screen devices. There are keyboard shortcuts keys for easy navigation. If you have never played this game before, you may need some getting used to. But there is not much of a learning curve. For some inspiration, playback online leaderboard games and see how the professionals did it before. This free game is not like every other Minesweeper you may have played before. In fact, quite a few Minesweeper games are different from each other. Therefore, give this game a try as it costs nothing. Also, there are zero in-app purchase requirements.

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Software : Minesweeper BF
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Main Platform : Windows
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Package : 64, 32 bit
Version : 10/7/8/8.1
Apps Type : Highway Traffic Rider GT Racing 2 EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard H1Z1 Batch Image Resizer
Software Id : 56439

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