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MUJO is one of our recomended software Apps on Puzzle basic on iPhone. Something you need to know about MUJO : Greek gods versus monsters in this challenging puzzle game And now you can Download MUJO full version on Computer PC windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1 mobile phone android iOs last version update on 2018

What is MUJO Software Apps Using For?

Match three games are everywhere so it's nice to see a developer improving the genre's gameplay, making a challenging and addictive puzzle game in the process.

A Greek mythology puzzle game

MUJO uses the core match three gameplay mechanic and changes it into a battle system. You are tasked with defeating different monsters from Greek mythology with the help of various gods with special abilities.

You play with matching different color tiles and can erase the board by combining at least three of the same tiles. You can also combine these tiles into stronger single tiles. Using these combined tiles, you can match them with other combined titles to either create huge damage against monsters or collect lots of experience points to level up your gods.

There are also different challenges like a level where monsters replenish health or when bombs are scattered on the game board that destroy any tiles in their path.

MUJO is a deceptively complex game that expands on the match three mechanic.

Prepare for a challenge

In the beginning levels, MUJO explains its different gameplay elements. They're easy to beat, but you'll soon have to start thinking strategically about which tiles to combine for more powerful attacks or experience, and which to use immediately.

The different collectible gods are fun to use, but you have to use an energy point which are replenished by waiting or buying via an in-app purchase. The good thing is that there's never a point where you feel like you have to buy energy.

You can collect gods by opening chests using energy points and there are different rarity levels so you have to be diligent to get the most powerful gods.

The simple graphics are stylized so that the Greek gods look familiar but have unique appearances. The audio is forgettable and can get repetitive, but you have the option to turn off both the soundtrack and the sound effects.

The puzzle mechanics are solid and the game doesn't pressure you to pay for anything. It also saves your progress if you close the app, so don't worry leaving in the middle of a level.

Addictive and challenging

MUJO looks like a generic match three game but it changes the design enough so it's always challenging and interesting. It's a good game to play while on the subway and it rewards players with a sense of accomplishment when they find the right strategies to defeat powerful monsters.

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