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SlingPlayer is one of our recomended software Apps on Screen Capture basic on Windows. Something you need to know about SlingPlayer : Watch your TV wherever you are with Slingbox And now you can Download SlingPlayer full version on Computer PC windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1 mobile phone android iOs last version update on 2018

What is SlingPlayer Software Apps Using For?

The first time I ever used SlingPlayer, a friend in the US invited me to watch his Tivo, even though I was on the other side of the world.

It worked a treat and ever since then I've been a big Slingbox fan. SlingPlayer is simply the software you need for watching content delivered by a Slingbox. Firstly, note that you need the correct version for your country in order for it to work - the download provided here is for the US version but other country versions can be found on the developer link. Also note that you'll need a Slingbox connected to your TV or router top use it.

SlingPlayer incorporates the company's own SlingStream technology to ensure that streaming is constant and reliable. Obviously, the effectiveness of this will also depend on your Internet connection speed, although this shouldn't influence it too much. Setting up SlingPlayer is very easy to setup due to the remote viewing assistant, which takes you through the simple task of adding a Slingbox to your player.

SlingPlayer is very basic - there are very few preferences, which could be annoying if you want to configure your content to be delivered in a specific way. However, the main job of SlingPlayer is simply to translate what your SlingBox is sending, so the developers can be forgiven somewhat for that. Once up and running, you control SlingPlayer via a virtual TV remote control which is very similar to the one that accompanies most real digital boxes. This gives SlingPlayer a unique feel and provides a realistic digital box viewing experience.

If you've got a Slingbox then you have little choice but to download SlingPlayer so you can start to enjoy the content from your Tivo or digital TV box anywhere you take your Mac with you.

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Software : SlingPlayer
Category : Screen Capture
Rating : 6
Reviews : 60
Main Platform : Windows
Avaliable Now : Computer, Laptop, PC
Package : 64, 32 bit
Version : 10/7/8/8.1
Apps Type : Dicom Viewer Fish Games Grand Theft Auto IV Dance Music Erp System
Software Id : 61623

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SlingPlayer User Review

Anonymous 24 December, 2015

can not log in after download. can't log in with correct password. stuck at the password part after download. It told me I need the password to access the sling player but the correct password is still not able to access it. I have a macbook air. Pros: that I was able to DL the app Cons: I could not log in with my correct password